Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Introduction to Karate Gosoku Ryu

I am going to start this blog giving a brief introduction to the Karate Gosoku Ryu life. Back in 1,986 I was starting my last High School's year in Caracas, Venezuela; after a whole life in a catholic school being a soccer player which makes a huge difference even in food's offers at the cafeteria, during a match in an inter-schools tournament, a knee injury sent me away with a full-right leg cast for 6 months and then another 6 months for rehab.

My brother, Daniel, was looking for a Dojo (place to practice Karate) and one called "Academia Jorge Donoso Karate-Do" became his first training site. After several weeks of noticing an impressive improvement of attitude on my brother, I decided to joined the Dojo. This was the beginning of one of the best decisions on my life.

Our Sensei (Master or Teacher) Jorge Donoso taught us the rules for Karate-Do Gosoku Ryu as:
  1. Each seek perfection of character.
  2. Each endeavour.
  3. Each be faithful.
  4. Each respect others.
  5. Each refrain from violent behaviour.
Applying these rules to our lifes became our new lifestyle. The friendship found between the practitioners made us feel as a small family. It's important to mention that everyone had there 'regular' jobs, studies, or duties and attending class was as important as going to sleep everyday, or eating, so sacrificies were common among us.

The training for a tournament, approximately every 3 months, was a rigorous session where getting in contact with nature (hiking, biking, jogging at the beach, at the mountain, etc.) as well as doing Kata an imaginary life or death struggle against multiple opponents, and performed with enough intensity and visualization, your mind won't know the difference; and of course, Kumite (combat) which showed us how powerful and dangerous our own body can be.

The confidence gained to control your body and your mind when is teached correctly serves as a way of life, a guide to keep your balance for happiness for you and your family. On the year 1,999 I got married with a wonderful woman and 2 beautifuls girls, and a year later another girl was added to my family. After moving and getting settle down in Indianapolis, Indiana; I found an IKA (International Karate Association) Dojo managed by Shihan-Dai Robert Haynes. It was an amazing feeling to get to a Dojo outside your country and get so comfortable in the very first day.

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